@momondo #owtravelers #admomondo Summer is just around the corner so if you haven’t planned your summer holiday yet, you are most probably thinking about a possible destination.Since it’s summer, I usually like to choose a destination which will give me both the chance to swim and lay on the beach but also the possibility to […]

Now that we are done with the administrative part regarding Petra in the previous post let’s see what we should check out while in Petra. The most important monuments in Petra are: The Treasury (AL Khazna), The Monastery (Ad Deir), the Siq, The Royal Tombs, The Big Temple, The Theater, The High Place of Sacrifice, […]

I am sure everyone deciding to visit Jordan has Petra as main objective.This was also my case. Petra is the second of the 7th world wonders added on my travel list. As I was saying in my previous post about Jordan (you can find it here), Petra is a place deserving a distinct post, because […]

I am back from my Jordan trip so it’s time to share with you my amazing experience there. I expected to enjoy Jordan but I did not expect to love it so much. Jordan is an amazing country offering so many different objectives to visit. Most probably when you think about Jordan you think about […]

After giving you some Tips&Tricks about Morocco in my previous post, now it’s time to get into the details and tell you more about a Morocco trip and what you can do there. I can only begin with Marrakech, one of the most famous touristic centers in northern Africa. First I have to say that […]

More than a year and a half ago I was preparing for what would be one of my most beautiful experiences. A trip that I’ve wanted to take for more than 10 years, but which for various reasons I postponed over and over again. My trip to Morocco. In the last years Morocco has become […]

La Spezia is a city situated on the Ligurian coast, between Genova and Pisa, very close to Cinque Terre national park. It is not famous at all and it is usually seen in transit or as a base accommodation for visiting Cinque Terre. I can’t say La Spezia is this wonderful city where you have […]

Around 2 months ago I was contemplating the fact that I did not plan too many trips for this year so I decided quite fast to go for an Italian trip just at the beginning of the summer season. After seeing a lot of pictures from Cinque Terre on Instagram, and knowing how famous this […]

There is a lot of information about Cinque Terre on the Internet and I suppose you already know a lot of things about this region. Especially if you plan to visit it. But something new is always welcome so I will write down what I consider to be some significant fact about Cinque Terre. Some […]

I did not particularly want to visit Israel. I had this country on my list as I have many other countries but I did not plan a moment for it in the close future. The deciding factor was a winter flight offer from TAROM which came exactly at the moment when I was looking for […]