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Summer is just around the corner so if you haven’t planned your summer holiday yet, you are most probably thinking about a possible destination.
Since it’s summer, I usually like to choose a destination which will give me both the chance to swim and lay on the beach but also the possibility to visit some new places, maybe some nice natural landscapes, towns or historical buildings. I want to see something new but I also want to relax.

So let me tell you my 3 favorite summer destinations which in my opinion, are perfect to give you the best of the 2 worlds.


Cyprus is a perfect destination for the summer. It has a long-lasting warm weather, so you can go in Cyprus in even in May or October and not necessarily in full season. If you don’t like the very hot weather, this is the best option for you. In July and August the heat will feel too much to bear.
Cyrus is the perfect destination if you want long sandy beaches. If you haven’t heard yet about Nissi beach, let me tell you it’s in Cyprus and it has a little bit of the Caribbean look with its white sand and deep blue water.
If you like to spend the nigh outside partying, Cyprus is also a good destination for you. In this case I would definitely recommend Aya Napa because this is the party area of the Island.
What can you do except sunbathing and partying? You can take a short trip to Cape Greco, a beautiful rocky area of the Island or visit some nice towns like Larnaca, Limassol or Nicosia.
The food is definitely good. If you enjoy Greek and Turkish cuisine you will, for sure, enjoy the Cypriot one.

Tips & Tricks:

  • use the taxis on the island. They are comfortable and pretty affordable and they are perfect for a bigger group.
  • if you plan to go in full season do reserve your accomodation in advance; it is pretty crowded and expensive.
  • be prepared for a very hot weather in July and August.

Cinque Terre

I love Italy. This is one destination that I will never get bored of visiting because it offers so many things to do and see. And Cinque Terre is one of them, it is such a great location. I loved every minute spent there.
The main objective of a holiday spent there should be visiting the villages and hiking the trails between the villages. But, if you are so inclined, you can also take some time to lay on the beach and relax while sunbathing. Monterosso al Mare, the biggest from the five villages has a pretty nice beach. Or, if you like to lay on the rocks or jump in the water you can choose any other village except Corniglia which is situated above sea level, on the hills.
And of course let’s not forget about the pizza and the delicious ice cream that you will definitely enjoy there.

Tips & Tricks:

  • use the train. It is the perfect transportation around the area.
  • if you find the accommodation in the villages very expensive, La Spezia can be also a good option for accommodation
  • don’t avoid hiking the trails, the views are amazing

Costa del Sol

Well, Spain is another favorite destination of mine for the summer holiday. I visited many of its area, but I will stick with Costa del Sol because here you can have literally everything.
Do you want a long sandy beach and a great promenade for evening walks? Yes, you have them, Toremolinos and Benalmadena are perfect for this.
Do you want to visit some historic buildings or Spanish cities, a church or a palace? Just take a day trip to Cordoba, Alhambara & Granada, Nerja or even Sevilla. Do you want a little bit of luxury? Go to Marbella and you will find it.
Look at the map and you will see how many options you have around. It is literally impossible to get bored, and you would probably need around two weeks to cover the entire area and also have some time for relaxation.

Tips & Tricks:

  • if you want to lay on the beach choose an accommodation near the beach, it will be comfortable and you can explore the area from there.
  • rent a car. It is the best option to visit everything you want as a day trip.
  • do not avoid Malaga. I know it will seem for you the less interesting place, but it really deserves several hours of your time.

These are only three destinations, but they are many more and I could write a loooong list here. But the most important thing is to choose what inspires you most and what will give you the best holiday ever.

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