La Spezia is a city situated on the Ligurian coast, between Genova and Pisa, very close to Cinque Terre national park. It is not famous at all and it is usually seen in transit or as a base accommodation for visiting Cinque Terre. I can’t say La Spezia is this wonderful city where you have […]

Around 2 months ago I was contemplating the fact that I did not plan too many trips for this year so I decided quite fast to go for an Italian trip just at the beginning of the summer season. After seeing a lot of pictures from Cinque Terre on Instagram, and knowing how famous this […]

There is a lot of information about Cinque Terre on the Internet and I suppose you already know a lot of things about this region. Especially if you plan to visit it. But something new is always welcome so I will write down what I consider to be some significant fact about Cinque Terre. Some […]